My name is Katie Philip and I have Cerebral Palsy. I am 20 years old and graduated from Stelly’s Secondary School. Since I began stamping in the summer of 2007, some very important people in my life (EA’s from Keating) started me in the hobby of stamping. I decided to use my hobby as a way to thanks those who have supported me.

To fundraise money, I design and stamp cards to sell, using a head controlled stamping machine. My goal was to donate $10,00.00 by the time of my graduation this year. Thanks to all of you, I not only reached my goal, but surpassed this goal by almost $2,000.00.

This coming year, I start my transition into adulthood.

With this comes a change in funding for my care. I plan on placing the profits of my cards into a RDSP (registered disability savings plan) The money placed into this savings plan is then matched. After 10 years I can then use the money to go towards extra assisted living costs.