“You have helped Katie personally donate over $9300.00 to charities since 2007… this year she will donate to Stelly’s High School”

This year Katie will be giving back to a place that supports her with her day to day….Stelly’s high School. As Katie finishes her last couple years of school..welook at all the amazing support staff that never let her down, and peers that Katie has had the chance to get to know. Katie has made many life-long friends at Stelly’s.

“In 2008 you helped me raise $1026.00 and I donated it to buy 100 new library books…”

I was very proud to donate my earnings from creating my cards for others. Since the people at Keating Elementary were so thoughtful and helpful while I attended school there, I was happy to donate money from my cards for 100 library books.

I now attend Bayside Middle School and the students and staff keep me smiling and laughing everyday…and they do very special things for me. During a field trip they carried me all they way up the side of Mt. Finlayson which allowed me to have a very special moment with my Twin Sister Sara and members of my class. This was a very special time for me and that’s why I donated to the school as well.

“2009 was fun. You helped me raise $1908.25 and I donated it io Bayside Middle School”

My Teachers and everyone at the school continue to help me enjoy learning and participating with all of the other kids where ever I can. For these reasons I wanted to give something back so my school could benefit in the same way I have benefitted from their help…So I donated all the money I earned in 2009 to my school.

Because I love to make these cards and so many people have helped I was able to give all the money I earned to my school. It makes me feel really good to donate all of my earnings to a special place…

“In 2010 you helped me raise $2564.50 and I donated it to the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children…”

Since the early age of 4 months I have been under the caring and amazing watch of Queen Alexandra support staff. It is from these amazing people I get Speech, Occupational and Physiotherapy as well as technical support for all my custom equipment. They have helped me and my family through many huge decisions. They fight hard for me and cheer me on. We love them for this and I am dedicating my 2010 fundraising efforts to you guys!!!

“2011 Was Wonderful and as I mentioned, you helped me donate to BC Easter Seals Camp…Here’s why I decided to donate $1800.00…”

Last summer I had the privilege of spending a week at Camp Shawnigan Easter Seals camp. BC Easter Seals Camps provide children with disabilities the opportunity to experience camping in a safe environment which allows us all to shine! While at camp I was able to celebrate my abilities and independence while trying new things. I had an amazing time with Mrs. Butler and made many new friends and new memories.

Camp Shawnigan is kept open through the generous donations and fundraising efforts of many dedicated and wonderful people an this is why I donated to BC Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan for 2011… And you can help me!

I will continue to use my hobby to thank those who have helped me in the past, and those who continue to touch my life.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what challenges you face, everyone can do something to help others…and at my house that’s exactly what we do. Here are some of the organizations who have helped me and so I did my best to give something back.

“In 2012 you helped me donate $1835.00 To Can Assist…”

Can Assist is a non profit group based out of UVic here in Victoria, BC, which creates devices for people with disabilities. The engineers at Can Assist created a head control stamping machine which allows me to stamp the images with a hit of a switch. As a result of this amazing machine I am able to create wonderful cards for you which is something I love to do.

Read the full story here on Can Assist’s website.

“I raised $287.75 in 4 months and donated it to the “Help Fill A Dream Foundation…”

It had always been my dream to go to Disneyland and in 2004 “Help Fill A Dream” sent me and my family. It was so fun I wanted to make sure other kids could have their dreams fulfilled. With the proceeds I earned from making my Cards I donated it to the Help Fill A Dream Foundation.

My Teachers are very special people and my schools are very special places. I used to go to Keating Elementary which is filled with supportive, caring staff and students. The staff and students put on a special spaghetti dinner to raise money to buy a custom bike for me to ride.